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Infrared Thermography

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What is infrared Theromography?

Infrared thermography is an inspection or monitoring method using non-contact, heat-sensitive equipment. This equipment converts the objects’s invisible thermal signature into an electronic visible image to which a value may be added.

What can Infrared Thermography do for your company?

If you can measure it - you can control it!
Infrared is now used as a maintenance planning tool, going beyond the boundaries of electrical
inspections. A good example is the refractory within a boiler or furnace. The staggering costs associated with unscheduled delays or equipment/process failures can be avoided with a periodical and inexpensive infrared inspections. During monitoring, areas in need of attention will be highlighted and fully documented . With this knowledge, you can:
* Order material/equipment for the job.
* Schedule dates and times for repairs.
* Organize and schedule human resources for the tasks.
* Save and/or increase the life of your assets.
* Obtain early warning of problems. Trends can be established for monitoring purposes.
* Have documentation of process and equipment conditions before and after the changes.

The difference is that you will have better control of your maintenance when using proactive measures.

Increasing your plant’s reliability increases your clients’ confidence in you as a preferred supplier

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