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AAT Inc is proud to be the Canadian representative for ATAM. The ease of use and the non-intrusive characteristics of this monitoring systems has earned it’s installation in some of the largest Automotive manufacturing plants in North America.

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The New ATAM-4000

* Production:

- Stop machines when tools break by sending trip signals to the machine within one (1) millisecond.

- Warn operators when tools wear, so pre-emptive changes can be made before tools fail.

- Stop the machine immediately upon collision, before additional machine damage is done.

- Automatically capture broken tool data for root cause analysis.

- Stop the machine when coolant fails or fixtures break to prevent additional damage.

* Engineering and Quality:

- See the effect of machine changes in real time when working on process development.

- View an Event Log that automatically documents the times and dates of events on the machine and the ATAM-4000.

- Perform tool comparison studies using documented evidence of performance.

- Optimize Feeds & Speed based on hard copy engineering data.

- Export ATAM files to spreadsheet and statistics programs for increased power and analysis.

- Backup and save setups, process performance information, and graphic display reports.

Measure and control thousands of
times/second-every tool, job and shift.

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The Tool-Action signature, three digit tool Id numbers, trip and warning limits are shown on the partial display screen above. Broken, worn and missing tools limits along with collision protection are standard. Application Engineers determine which capabilities fit the process. A trip signal is sent to the machine controller within a millisecond. The tool signature is captured automatically and saved. The user has information with which to manage tooling plus tools for root-cause-analysis and process development.

Simple Interface with machining centers as well as transfer lines

The ATAM-4000 is interfaced to virtually any machining centre without the need for new ladder logic, M-codes or PROMS. CNC set-up people generally handle all required changes to the user friendly tooling program. Transfer lines need only supply a start of cycle signal. ATAM provides discrete outputs for trip and warning conditions. The initial job set-up is usually accomplished in a few minutes using the ATAM Smart-Teach.

Powerful PC programmer

* Real-time information display
* Past activities captured in an event log
* Changes made using the Drag & Drop feature
* Automatic tool break signature capture
* Automatic setup with ATAM Smart-Teach
* Information exported to spreadsheets
* Feed and speed optimization capability
* Process and tool development programs
* Quality documentation and backup copies

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Benefits Of Using This System

* Payback in Weeks
- Countless examples of success

* Cut Losses From:
- Machine and fixture damage
- Tool breakage
- CNC crash damage
- Coolant failure

* Reduce Scrap From:
-  Non-machined parts
- Missing tools
- Machine downtime
- Rejected parts

* Increase Throughput by:
- Less scrap
- Best speeds and feeds
- Coolant optimization
- Best tooling choices

* Use On Most Any Machines:
- Transfer lines
- Dial Machines
- CNC Lathes
- Vertical Machining Centres
- Horizontal Machining Centres
- Swiss Turning Machines
- Grinders
- Broachers, and many more

* Easy Installation and Set-up:
- Uni-Cable included
- Quick-connect couplings
- Panel and flush mount stations
- PC training simulator included
- On-screen documentation
- Printed documentation

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