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Meeting Your Automation Service and Product Requirements







IGRIP Graphic Simulation

Prior to the implementation of any robotic work system or the purchase of any rebuilt or new robot AAT Inc. will take any guess work out of the engineering.

Cycle times and the most optimal robot selections can be verified. Offline robot programming
is also achieved thus cutting down on the actual start-up time.

You as the customer will be supplied a VHS tape of your automation in action prior to even purchasing any equipment. This tape can be reviewed by your customer as well as your company’s personnel such as Engineering and Purchasing.

IGRIP can also be used to help you layout your work cell in the plant if space for your WIP (work in progress) or lift truck traffic is a concern.

The IGRIP is a valuable tool when it comes to the operators ergonomics concerns.
The IGRIP is able to simulate the operators position and anticipated movements required to
load or unload a work station.







Infrared Thermography

What is infrared Theromography?

Infrared thermography is an inspection or monitoring method using non-contact, heat-sensitive equipment. This equipment converts the objects’s invisible thermal signature into an electronic visible image to which a value may be added.

What can Infrared Thermography do for your company?

If you can measure it - you can control it!
Infrared is now used as a maintenance planning tool, going beyond the boundaries of electrical
inspections. A good example is the refractory within a boiler or furnace. The staggering costs associated with unscheduled delays or equipment/process failures can be avoided with a periodical and inexpensive infrared inspections. During monitoring, areas in need of attention will be highlighted and fully documented . With this knowledge, you can:
* Order material/equipment for the job.
* Schedule dates and times for repairs.
* Organize and schedule human resources for the tasks.
* Save and/or increase the life of your assets.
* Obtain early warning of problems. Trends can be established for monitoring purposes.
* Have documentation of process and equipment conditions before and after the changes.

The difference is that you will have better control of your maintenance when using proactive measures.

Increasing your plant’s reliability increases your clients’ confidence in you as a preferred supplier







Laser Alignment:

AAT Inc. offers both Laser Alignment Services as well as Laser Alignment products.

We carry Combi-Laser shaft alignment systems.

Our technician will come to site, both in Canada and the US to algin shafts ranging from 1/2"
to 8".

This computerized method of shaft alignment is both an accurate and a time saving method of aligning shafts.

Should you choose to purchase your own laser alignment system AAT Inc. would be more than happy to discuss your application and specific needs.







Monitoring Systems (DAC)

AAT Inc. is a representative of Sciemetric Instruments, which is an industry leader in
Data Acquisition and Signature Analysis.

AAT Inc. is able to offer complete signature analysis for vibration, force, pressure, distance
and torque.

SPC files can be generated for future references on “failed” part components.

Software is often custom written to suit your specific needs in the area of Signature Analysis and Data Acquisition. On-site and over the phone engineering support is always available.







Stamping Press Tonnage and Controls





Tool Monitoring Systems & Control






Plant Wide Automation

AAT Inc. has the resources in place to handle even the most challenging automation requirements.

Areas of experience are Robotic Welding Systems, Robotic Automation of redundant tasks,
specialized testing fixtures, for online or offline Quality Assurance needs this may involve lasers,
vision systems, signature analysis and SCADA, System Control and Data Acquisition.
It will more than likely involve the interfacing of an array of transducers and all the related instrumentation.

Whether your firm is ISO or striving to achieve ISO Certification AAT Inc. can help you with your goals.





Rebuilt Robots

AAT Inc. has access to both US and Canadian refurbished/rebuilt robots.

This is where AAT Inc. is able to help you, we are able to offer a wide variety of robots so we may best determine which robot will perform the best for the job at hand and still suit your budget.

Our robots come to you with a warranty on parts and labour (see note).

When you purchase a rebuit, or new, robot from AAT Inc. you are also purchasing the
knowledge en expertise of both Engineers and site Technicians who have hands on experience with the integration of robots.

We have experience in welding, both arc and resistance, gluing application, press tending, pick and place, palletizing and de-palletizing, component orientation, (using 2 robots) and painting.

Before you purchase your robot we will simulate the task to determine which robot is best suited for the application, this is accomplished by using the IGRIP Silicon Graphics Workstation to simulate your process.





Rebuilt Welding Equipment

We have a large inventory of resistance welding transformers as well as Hobbat Megacon
weld interfaces, Hobbart power sources and wire feeders.

These pieces of welding equipment have been removed from previously used robotic
welding systems, inspected and then rebuilt.

Welding robots can be shipped with their welding equipment already interfaced and ready to weld, essentially making your robot “turn-key”.








Shims and Balancing Weights

We carry a large inventory of shims and balancing weights.








No matter what your budget or application is we will assess your application to make sure we find you the transducer that’s right for your application.






Trades Personnel

AAT Inc. has available to it the resources of many different disciplines in both the computer and automation fields.

We have Technicians, Technologists, Electrical Engineers and Master Electricians available to be assigned to do the following tasks:


Robot Programming ABB; S1, S2, S3, S4
Fanuc, RH & RJ Platforms, Arcmates
PLC Programming Allen-Bradley, PLC2 through to PLC5's
Allen Bradley, SLC family 100 and 50/2/3/4
GE Fanuc
Klockner Mueller
Master Electricians Available for shift coverage as well as projects.
Training We offer both off-site and on-site PLC and Robotic training.
The students will have hands on exercises with plc simulators as well as robots.
Instrumentation .