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AAT Inc. is pleased to offer both on-site and off-site PLC training courses.

Classes sizes range from 1 to 6 students, 1- 3 days long, and are often held at the customers plant in an effort to keep costs down and cause as little disruption as possible to manufacturing.

In all cases the students are supplied with a work book for notes and as something to refer to in the future. The goal of the small classes is to make it a hands on experience for the students.

Who should take these classes? Anyone from the Plant Electrician all the way to the Engineering Managers. You as the customer can let us know at what level you would like your class taught. Offered are 3 levels of basic, intermediate or advanced.

Customers in the past have asked for AAT Inc. to come in a week or 2 prior to the class and download some working PLC programs. This is so we can tailor the class and exercises around these programs. We have found this to be of great benefit as not only are the students receiving training they are getting to know the equipment they work on daily very well.

We offer training on the most popular PLC's such as the AB (Allen Bradley) SLC500 series as well as the AB PLC5 series, also offered is the GE and Siemens family of PLC training courses.

AAT Inc. is confident you will find our courses competitively priced and taught to your high standards.

Fax your inquiries to Attn: PLC Training,
Fax # 1-905-388-2146.

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