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AAT Inc's Thermal Imaging or Infrared Monitoring Service is truly an invaluable service that we offer to your plants Industrial Engineering Department or the Plant Maintenance Department.

Schedule this service to look at suspect equipment or scheduled it as part of your annual predictive maintenance program or include as part of your summer plant shut down schedule.

AAT Inc will provide you with a full report complete with colour pictures of the suspect(s) or trouble area(s).

We will look at anything from conveyors, robot bearings all the way to your plants Electrical Sub-Station, you can let us know your concerns or we can take a tour with you and suggest to you what, in our opinion, are the area's you should be looking at.

AAT Inc. is confident you will find this service of much help and assistance.

Fax your inquiries to Attn: Thermal Imaging Services,
Fax # 1-905-388-2146.

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