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IGRIP Graphic Simulation

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Prior to the implementation of any robotic work system or the purchase of any rebuilt or new robot AAT Inc. will take any guess work out of the engineering.

Cycle times and the most optimal robot selections can be verified. Offline robot programming
is also achieved thus cutting down on the actual start-up time.

You as the customer will be supplied a VHS tape of your automation in action prior to even purchasing any equipment. This tape can be reviewed by your customer as well as your company’s personnel such as Engineering and Purchasing.

IGRIP can also be used to help you layout your work cell in the plant if space for your WIP (work in progress) or lift truck traffic is a concern.

The IGRIP is a valuable tool when it comes to the operators ergonomics concerns.
The IGRIP is able to simulate the operators position and anticipated movements required to
load or unload a work station.


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