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AAT Inc's Laser Shaft Alignment Service is a service which translates into large cost savings on premature equipment failure.

Our equipment is "state of the art" using "touch Screen" technology capable of providing functions for Measurement, Alignment and Documentation.

We suggest to our customer's that they schedule this service to look at suspect equipment. You can also schedule it as part of your annual predictive maintenance program or include it as part of your summer plant shut down schedule.

AAT Inc. will provide you with a full report and perform the alignment on the spot.

Typical equipment aligned;

* Tube mills
* Large rotating equipment
* Shaft Couplings
* Motors to Pumps

Our equipment has a range of 33' to take on your biggest job.

AAT Inc. is confident you will find this service of much assistance and will be pleased in the preventive equipment failure cost savings.

Fax your inquiries to Attn: Thermal Imaging Services,
Fax # 1-905-388-2146.

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