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You will find that over the last several years AAT Inc. has really expanded in the Press Tonnage Monitors and Calibration Services.

We are pleased to let you know that not only can we supply you with tonnage monitors but can also supply you with assistance in installation as well as the yearly calibration.

Typical brand name tonnage monitors calibrated are HELM, TOLEDO, IMCO and others.

AAT Inc. can also supply you with repair services for the above mentioned tonnage monitors, often performed right on your shop floor.

Please book your calibrations well in advance to guarantee your date.

Again AAT Inc. is confident you will find our Press Tonnage Monitor Calibration Services both competitively priced and prompt.

When inquiring please let us know the following;

i) Quantity and tonnage of presses
ii) Type of Tonnage Monitors
iii) Date Required

Fax your inquiries to Attn: Tonnage Calibrations,
Fax # 1-905-388-2146.

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