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AAT Inc. is pleased to offer both on-site and off-site Robot Training Courses.

Let AAT Inc. supply you Robot training courses on ABB, Fanuc, Motoman and Panasonic type robot's.

We offer courses in Material Handling, Resistance and Mig Welding along with others.

Classes look at both Programing and System Overview ( Component breakdown).
These courses are often held off-site but can also ( with pre-arrangements) held on-site at your plant.

Take advantage of the one-to-one training and cost savings.

Again AAT Inc. is confident you will find our courses competitively priced and taught to your high standards.

When inquiring please let us know;

i) Type of Robot and Model
ii) Qty. people/class
iii) On-site or Off-site

Fax your inquiries to Attn: Robot Training,
Fax # 1-905-388-2146.

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