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Stamping Press
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ABOUT THE COMPANY... Founded in 1962, Helm Instrument Company is the leading designer and manufacturer of process control systems, force transducers and software for the metalforming industries.  Helm introduced press load monitoring and signature analysis in 1968, in-die force sensing in 1972 and holds numerous patents on sensor designs, instrumentation and applications.  From our strategic location in the industrial Midwest, we supply and support our customers with a complete staff of representatives worldwide.

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Quality Assurance Monitors

Helm load monitors incorporate the most advanced electronic technology available to the industry.  All systems include state-of-the-art signal conditioning circuits, patented AUTO-ZERO™ balance circuitry and automatic high-low alarm limits.  Machine shutdown is instantaneous when an off tolerance condition occurs. 3-1.jpg (9583 bytes)

ATG Clipper Series - a powerful force monitor with signature analysis and touch screen display.

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361 LOADGARD® - the low cost monitor for OBI and C-Frame presses.

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PLM-4 Portable load monitor.  A valuable tool for evaluating press and die conditions.

ALG-1100 one channel force monitor for assembly, staking and riveting operations.

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Trend series LOADGARD® is available in two, four, or eight channels.

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Automatic Die Monitoring

Misfeeds, pulled slugs, double hits, or broken punch assemblies cost time and money.  These abnormal conditions are eliminated with the Micron die monitoring system.  Non-contacting, proximity sensors monitor deviations in stripper position or die height to within 0.00004 inches (1/1000mm).

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TMG-1200 fault detector for coldforming machinery.

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Micron™ - expandable to eight channels.

The TMG-1200 provides two channels of automatic monitoring.  One compact system is used for all machine types from single blow headers to multi-station nutformers.

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Signature Analysis Software

Analyzing the forming signature on a specific tool is critical to in-process quality control.  The Helm FirstMate® software provides two-way communication between the Helm force monitoring system and a lap-top or remote computer.  Available in Windows 3.1, 95 and NT operating systems, FirstMate will generate the necessary statistical data, graphical waveforms and downtime event reporting for real-time analysis of the production process.
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Real-time force signature with tracking alarms.
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Zoom-in feature for detailed analysis.

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Total Press Control &
Automation Solutions

The Helm-Pak® clutch brake package uses two (2) redundant processors for compliance with ANSI and OSHA Safety requirements.   This advanced approach to machine control eliminates relays and outdated "black box" technology.  Helm automation controllers feature one common operator interface for displaying PLS, die monitoring, tonnage control, brake stopping time and servo feed interface functions.
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Cabinet Style Enclosure
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Console Style Enclosure
3-12.jpg (5649 bytes) The unique modular design allows the Helm-Pak® controller to be customized for a wide range of applications.

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Force Modules for PLC Integration

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Helm HM-571 resolver and HM-604 FORCEGARD™ modules transfer position and force information to the SLC-500 Data table.
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SCM Series - Two and four channel Strain Gage signal conditioning module with 0-10 volt analog output.

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In-Die Force Sensing

Helm in-die monitoring systems assure high  quality parts production by identifying a defective part at its origin.  The Die Plug™ sensor continuously monitors the subtle changes in forming force that effect part quality.   Applications include progressive dies, transfer tooling and multi-station forming operations. 3-15.jpg (8046 bytes)

TPG-2200 Partgard® - two channels of cost effective monitoring.

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TPL-312 - the high output, die implant sensor that's easy to install.

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SG-312 strain gage Die Plug™ for direct force readouts in pounds or tons

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Transducers & Load Cells

Helm sensors are available in a wide range of sizes for measuring dynamic force on stamping, die cast, forging, injection and assembly machines.   Manufactured under controlled laboratory conditions, all sensors utilize a fill wheatstone bridge design to assure long term stability and accuracy. 3-18.jpg (7373 bytes)

Deflections in the bar strain are accurately measured with the T-2640 sensor.

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HT-400 Strain Gain® - the industry standard force sensor since 1968.

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Various load cells with capacities from 100 pounds to 10,000 tons are available.

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